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FAQTreadmill training for dogs provides a complete muscle enhancing, toning and fitness regime that not only improves the overall health and vitality of a dog, it helps curb destructive behavioral problems, increases life span and prevents obesity. The treadmill gives your dog a real workout, allows you to control the terrain, and eliminates distractions - and your dog can run regardless of weather.

As a dog owner, you should keep in mind that most pet dogs were specifically bred to get work done. For example, many dogs performed daily tasks alongside humans, such as operating light equipments, herding animals such as sheep, pulling sleds through the snow, and much more.

Dogs are active animals and if they don’t get enough exercise, their energy will build up and burst out. Your dog might be pooping, chewing, and barking at inappropriate times exactly because he needs exercise. Right now! Many dogs are easily bored and they are almost always under exercised.

Besides the obvious benefit of exercise, a dog treadmill can provide excellent information about how your dog walks and jogs. This is perfect for people who want to see how their canines move. For example show dog handlers can study the gait and general movement of their dogs. This allows them to understand and adjust their dogs.

A pet treadmill helps dog owners develop the perfect walk or jogging movements, which can mean the difference between last place and best in show. When your dog moves properly and effectively, you can correct problem movements or reinforce the right ones.

If your dog has never used a treadmill before, begin by first walking your dog over the machine. This helps your dog gain familiarity with the treadmill and will ease any fears the dog may have of the machine. Repeat this process several times by having your dog step up onto the rear of the machine, walk your dog across the machine, then allow your dog to step down off the front of the machine. After two or three repetitions of walking your dog across the machine, your dog will be ready to go. Another way is by feeding your dog over the machine, this will help him feel more comfortable over it.

Every dog in every breed is different so it’s hard to specify an age to start using a treadmill. Ideally, you should set expectations for your dog while it is still a puppy that will continue throughout its life. If your puppy is developing incorrectly and muscle build up is not happening evenly then the treadmill will correct this. It is very important to only start with small increments of time on the treadmill with puppies as they require very short amounts of exercise, eg 1- 5 minutes maximum daily.


Shipping our mills overseas is the cheapest around the market, for it is a collapsible treadmill. Our mill's are shipped inside a metal crate with carton box and styropor, every parts are bubble wrapped, this is the safest way to ship mills, it helps prevent damage units.

Mills on Crate

Here are the mills ready to be shipped

Mill for Shipping

Here is a sample of my mill shipped assembled, it got damaged, notice the mill's leg badly bent.

Crate size: 65" x 25" x 12"
Approximate weight of a crated mill:
Killer Spinner and Standard Slatmill: 65kg.
Carpet Mill: 50kg.

There are two available shipping for our mills, Air Freight and Sea Freight. We do next day shipping for Air Freight upon receiving payment. Sea Freight leaves every Saturday of the week upon receiving payment.

Sample Shipping Qoutation

Air Freight

Destination: London

Transit Time: 3-4 days

$340 air freight of 1 mill
$565 air freight of 2 mills
$790 air freight of 3 mills
$1015 air freight of 4 mills
$1240 air freight of 5 mills

The more order placed the cheaper Air Freight gets.

Sample Shipping Qoutation

Sea Freight

Destination: London

Transit Time: 26-28 days

$280 sea freight of 1 mill
$280 sea freight of 2 mills

If you buy 2 mills and ship it via sea you will just pay 1 shipping charge.


We guarantee four things. First, each machine offers quality and performance unsurpassed by any competitors. Second, each machine has an unconditional lifetime warranty on ALL parts (limited to original owner). Third, if you are not satisfied with your machine you can return it within THIRTY (30) days for a full refund (all shipping expenses paid by the customer, Four, we will repair or replace for the first two years at no cost to you, no questions asked.