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Price - $995
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The RPmillmaker mills are professional quality tool built for the K9 enthusiast and professionals. Built to withstand rigorous workouts from multiple dogs on a day to day basis. The materials used in this mills are high grade materials to last for lifetime.

  • The RPmillmaker mills by far the safest dog treadmill on the market for it is DOG POWERED. Every year there are dozens of dogs injured on electric treadmills. They are dangerous, the reason is dogs cannot talk and convey what they are feeling while working out. If during their workout the dog starts to have problems such as muscle cramps or the need to empty out, they have no way of telling their master. They also have no way of telling you what the correct pace is for them. Every individual dog is different. Some are obviously more athletic than others. A treadmill that allows the dog the freedom to work at their pace not yours is therefore inherently safer.
  • The running surface and surrounding area of the RPmillmaker mills has no holes or gaps big enough for a dog to get their paws or toenails stuck in.
  • The 3 point hook-up of the RPmillmaker mills will not allow a dog to turn around on the treadmill or jump over the side. Keeping the dog centered.
  • The RPmillmaker mills are built to last a lifetime plus it is a professional grade treadmill that can be used day after day dog after dog with very little maintenance
  • The bearings, hubs and axles used in the RPmillmaker mills are built to withstand 200 km/hr. This hubs are used on racing motorcycles, definitely outweigh any dog and gives out far more punishment than any dog could ever give.
  • The running surface of the RPmillmaker KILLER SPINNER SLATMILL is made of high grade kin dried wood, multi-coated of wood stain, and top-coated with polyurethane for protection. It is far better than plastic slats, which become very slippery when dog saliva get on contact. Slats are mounted on THERMOPLASTIC BELTING that is designed to carry thousands of pounds without breaking. The slats are also covered with duct tapes to prevent slipping and give the wood slats better protection to scratches from the dog’s nails. You can easily replace or put another layer of duct tapes once worn out.
  • 84 pieces of INDUSTRIAL GRADE GRAVITY CONVEYOR SKATE WHEELS carry the load under the mill’s running surface. This type of wheels are used by industrial facilities on their gravity conveyors to transport very heavy materials. They will last a lifetime.
  • The RPmillmaker mills needs no extension cords or electrical outlets. It can be used anywhere hassle free.
  • The RPmillmaker mills are the ONLY collapsible mill in the market, giving it edge on storage and transporting.
  • The RPmillmaker KILLER SPINNER SLATMILL is the top of the line on free spinning treadmill, used to exercise dogs aerobically and promote endurance, stamina and lean muscle tissue. If the legs have to do LESS work to keep the mill going, then that equals more time spent conditioning the lungs other than conditioning the legs .Conditioning the lungs will condition the whole body even if it is for a few seconds at a time. Different types of workouts get different results. The RPmillmaker KILLER SPINNER SLATMILL is capable of a wide range of workouts, endurance training (average 20 miles per hour) sustained for 15 to 30 minute sessions, and speed training (Sprints) up to 45 miles per hour for the Greyhounds. A dog’s heart rate is naturally much higher than that of a human. It takes much more activity to get the heart rate up and maintain the increased heart for a workout session. The fastest electric dog treadmill on the market has a top speed of 8 miles per hour. This will not get a dogs heart rate up and will not promote gains in strength, speed or endurance. The only thing it will do is burn some calories.
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